Psychobilly Lust – LOUIS AND THE SHAKES Lose Their Mind

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

4 May 2021

Who: Brit-rock 4-piece led by Louis Antoniou
who formed this band after his solo journey.

Pick: LOSING MY MIND – brand new single

About: “It was written in lockdown, you can hear the angst and the fury from the band
but don’t let the title fool you. Lyrically it’s about chasing the girl and it’s an integral song
in the album in my eyes. It’s the first song on the record where the girl gets introduced,
and her entrance is like a whirlwind as this song smacks ya in the face with this gnarly
riff and sexy lyrics.”
says Antoniou .

Score: Stop doing what you’re doing, put your leather jacket on and get ready for
some blistering psychobilly hullabaloo. Hit and run drums, schizophrenic guitars, ultrasonic pace and Louis, the man in the middle, going out of his mind. This rattle
and roll ripper makes your head rotate for 150 sweaty seconds. Rockabilly with a
hysterical buzz. Somewhere between The Cramps and The Sonics. But wait, don’t
be mistaken, this red-hot-blooded motherrocker is all about a girl. THE girl.

Psych-o-billy lust!

Shake it up here, folks…


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