There’s Still A Future In England’s Dreaming – CULT FIGURES Impress With New Ardent Album ‘DERITEND’

5 May 2021

Who: Yesteryear’s London punks
having sonic fun again since 2016.

Released: 26 March 2021 – 2nd album

Info: ‘Deritend‘ owes its title to a historic industrial area just outside Birmingham
town centre first mentioned in 1276. The mysterious iconic name was a bus route terminus and has a strong emotional connection, evoking the nervous excitement
of those long rides into town on our way to Barbarellas. But it conveys so much more: Deritend is an album that reflects on the past, speculates on the future, but for the
most part is fairly and squarely a comment on the lives we are living now.

Artwork: A huge, monolithic rubble pile on the approach to Deritend (Birmingham).
“It’s a powerful and intriguing image that does somehow encapsulate the past, present
and future
,” says the band’s Stuart Hilton.

Turn Up The Volume hears: Vintage Brit-pop, Brit-rock and Brit-balladry, all rolled into one. You’ll hear echoes of The Boo Radleys (Chicken Bones / Donut Life), the Mekons (Exile / Concrete & Glass), Maximö Park (Privilege / Silver Blades) and Dexys (Concrete And Glass / White Noise). The cliché ‘all killers, no fillers‘ is spot-on accurate here. This is the sound
and look of today’s Brexit. First-class songwriting, first-class tunes, first-class album.

There’s still a future in England’s Dreaming.

Singles/clips: Concrete & Glass / Chicken Bones



Stream/buy Deritend here…


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