Join Brighton Romantics SEADOG And Their Sonic Psych Dream ‘TIDAL WAVE’

6 May 2021

Who: The project of Brighton-based musician and songwriter Mark Benton and
Tom Chadd and their eclectic troupe of performers that create dream-pop songs.
They combine a variety of influences into a myriad sound of lullabies with anthemic electric and acoustic textures.

Title track from upcoming album, out 14 May via Gardener’s Delight.

Score: A starry-eyed guitar pop groove, a sonic psych dream, with imagery of our unpredictable nature in the back. Floating harmonies and a 90s British shoegaze touch transfer you to a less worrying place. Just imagine you’re on cloud nine, close your eyes and take a break from these bizarro times while watching the accompanying video clip, bringing the early hallucinatory colors of Pink Floyd on a big screen in an obscure club in the 60s to mind.

Roll the tape…

SEADOG: Facebook

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