Dirty Mothergroover MAXIME ROUQUART Stuns With Debut Album ‘HOMO ECLECTICUS’

7 May 2021

Artist: MAXIME ROUQUART(Belgium)
Who: Multi-faceted musician blending a
swath of different shades of rock and pop.

Album: HOMO ECLECTICUS – debut album
Released: 7 May 2021

Press info: “Homo Eclecticus takes you on a journey through the music that informed his formative years as a musician. Drawing ideas from the heavier and more alternative side of music in the 90s and early 00s, Maxime Rouquart effortlessly pulls the rug from under the listener time and time again, and to great effect too.

Maxime Rouquart about the record: “An audience today deserves more than another
bloated album consisting of mainly filler. So I took it up as a challenge; If I can’t convince
you in 7 tracks, then what’s the point?”
Damn right he is.

Turn Up The Volume: My aural verdict is simple: this homo musicus delivered, without
a shadow of a doubt, one of the best debut albums of 2021. He grooves your ass off with funktastic drones on Dirty Motherfucker, Live Laugh Love, Jaguar Boogie and Dedication, he trips like Beck on The Feels Are Good and Ecstasy Street and closes his firstborn with a slow-moving lockdown blues jam. This man has refined ears, a diverse musical taste and the skills of a clever sonic architect who knows how to build an imposing motherrocker of a record. Only 7 tracks, 25 minutes? Exactly enough to convince your feet, legs and head to shake your booty.

Video for The Feels Are Good

Discover Homo Eclecticus


The dirty mothergroover and his band…

(Photo by Gregory Vlieghe)

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