FUCKED UP Drop 4 Turbulent Symphonies On Brand New LP ‘YEAR OF THE HORSE’

8 May 2021

Who: Experimental noise explores from Toronto making
electrical waves for 20 years now / 5 studio albums (so far).

New EP: Year Of The Horse
Released: 7 May 2021

These turbulent noise junks have something with animals, that much that they
celebrated some of them with previous singles/albums like Year Of The Ox (2010),
Year Of The Tiger (2012), Year Of The Dragon (2014), Year Of The Hare (2015), Year
Of The Snake
(2017) and now the Horse is in the picture.

Score: Only 4 tracks? Right, but 4 endless ones combining the length of a double
album with Fucked Up doing what they do best. Going on a knock-down-and-drag-out expedition while switching from loud to quiet and vice versa, from hardcore to prog-rock sketches, from intimidating to relaxing, from cinematic to symphonic, from trippy to jazzy. Totally Godspeeded-and-freaked-up.

Stream/buy EP here…

FUCKED UP: Facebook

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