There’s SUNLIGHT At The End Of The Lockdown Tunnel – Hear New Single By FUSIA

15 May 2021

Band: FUSIA (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Who: A trio that mixes organic and acoustic elements
with an artificial and electronic sound. The name Fusia
comes from the flower fuchsia which is a natural flower
that almost looks artificial.

New single: SUNLIGHT

“While the song talks about sunlight and happy days, I also look
critically on the way I romanticized my relationship and the small
reopening we experienced last summer,”
says lead singer Kristoffer

Score: Uncertain times lead to uncertain thoughts and sentiments.
Hope and doubt about the near future go hand in hand in this surreal
pandemic phase. ‘Sunlight’ reflects just that. Both melancholic (verses)
and anticipating (chorus), both catchy and mellow. Expect 80s electro
shaped pop with a New Romantic touch à la Spandau Ballet and Visage.
There’s sunlight at the end of the lockdown tunnel.

Enjoy here…

FUSIA: Facebook

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