Pump Up The Jam – L.A. Artist BEGINNERS Hits Big Time With Shot Of Adrenalin ‘CAN’T GET ENOUGH’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

19 May 2021

Who: Alt-pop L.A. artist also part of
all-female quartet L.A. Exes

New single: CAN’T GET ENOUGH

About: “the thrilling upswing of addiction to something.
The rush that brings you back for more, as opposed to the
lows that follow a binge. In this case a relationship with
somebody you’re obsessed with.”

Score: Oh my, oh my. One spin and you’ll be addicted to this
energetic shake-and-swing-your-hips shot of adrenalin. From
the moment the siren blows it’s go gaga time. You’ll never get
enough of this banging belter. Sexy, steamy and sassy. Get up,
stand up and fight for your right to dance yourself dizzy.

Pump up the jam!

Watch, listen, and rock da house…


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