Boston Rockers MISTER VERTIGO Look Forward With Post-Pandemic Vibe ‘YOU ARE CLEARLY THE REASON WHY’

23 May 2021

Who: Alt rockers from Boston, Massachusetts

A piece from the band’s 5-track EP Indie Nerd Strikes Again

About: “I think we all know that this industry will never be the same
after the pandemic, and I’d like to think we’re all at the point where we
have to approach it with a bit of humor to survive it. Combined with the
images of a sort of “bygone era” we think the words really reflect how a
lot of us are feeling about the future of our scene, but with a snarky
willingness to move forward and start over, to rebuild it better than it
was before,”
says lead-vocalist Jonathan Scanlon.

Score: With jingle-jangle joyfulness à la The Byrds and melodic melancholia
à la Band Of Horses these Boston rockers muse about the post-pandemic future.
The corona aftermath isn’t clear yet, so why not keep on rockin’ in the free world
and just see what happens. The soul-stirring power of music helps to fight our
viral demons and to enlighten our worried minds. Enter Mister Vertigo. Turn it up,

Is it right to just concede
To never feeling content?
Like, maybe just surviving
Is a great accomplishment
Is it good to just accept
That this is all that will be?
Like, maybe I should bail
On all the stale hypocrisy
Oh, I don’t know


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