Canadian Heroes THE TRAGICALLY HIP Release New EP With Old Songs

26 May 2021

Famous Canadian rockers from Kingston, Ontario
who hit the scene in 1984. released 13 albums, and
called it a day when they sadly lost their frontman
Gord Downie who passed away in 2017.

Back in 1989

Released: 21 May 2021
Order info: here

Out of the blue, The Hip unleashed this new 6-track EP of previously
unreleased songs from 1990. Five tracks were actually recorded their
1991 LP Road Apples, which was to be called Saskadelphia, but the
label bosses thought it was a ‘too Canadian’ title.

Rob Baker (guitarist): “I went ‘Wow’ when I heard ‘Ouch’ after all
this time. We were a pretty good little band.”

Johnny Fay (drummer): “We didn’t know what was there, so this meant
baking them and listening to them as they were being transferred. Hearing
them for the first time in 30 years was crazy.”

Gord Sinclair (bassist): “We are, sadly, never going to have the chance
to put out new stuff. For us, in our minds, this is new.”

Turn Up The Volume: Six vintage power strokes. I know, it’s only classic
guitar rock but injected with a fervor and fury blues force which made the
Hip such a beloved and highly praised band.

Here we go…


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