Moshpit Madness – Welsh Trio SHLUG Drops Debut Single ‘THE SCENT OF ROY KEANE’

29 May 2021

Band: SHLUG (Cardiff, Wales)
Who: Three peas in a pod that
are constantly exploding.

Pick: THE SCENT OF ROY KEANE – debut single

“Written in a point of adolescence, ‘The Scent Of Roy Keane’ tackles
masculinity along with the question – what really turns a boy into
a man? Is it through protein shakes? Or is it by pissing all over the seat?
Either way, you decide. Just get the conversation going,”
says vocalist
Ellis Acton-Dyer.

Score: Moshpit madness. Hefty hardcore. Rip-roaring racket. Add
red-hot-blooded vocals and you know your stereo will have a hard
time, but it’s definitely worth it. This my generation blast kicks you
up the ass, wakes you up and helps you to crush your nasty demons.
Yes, way cheaper than therapy.

Unleash the beast here…

SHLUG: Facebook

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