El Trio CALVA LOUISE Thunders On Rockero llamativo ‘TIRANITO’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

31 May 2021

Who: Electro-noise-rock
trio from Manchester UK

New album: EUPHORIC
Out: 20th August

First single: TIRANITO

“The song touches upon the tyrants that we encounter
in our day to day life, but it’s really about recognising
‘the real tyrant’ that is inside each of us”
says vocalist
and guitarist Jess Allanic.

As with most Calva Louise songs frontwoman Allanic sings,
except for the chorus, in Spanish. Totalmente especial.

Tirantino resonates like a pumped-up and synth-up R & B tune with
the frantic force of a wall-breaker and the vigorous vehemence of a
jagged jackhammer while Allanic rants without mercy.

Rockero llamativo!

Turn it up, folks…


New album EUPHORIC out 20th August

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