Otherwordly Sound Explorers DYR FASER In Space On New Single ‘SUN WORSHIP’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

1 June 2021

Artists: DYR FASER
Who: A slow-burn underground doom-pop duo – Eric Boomhower & Amelia May
from Boston with a sound not easily definable by genre. Eric and Amelia both
write and perform, their vision to create uncompromising depths of sound.

Pick: SUN WORSHIP – the lead track from
their upcoming album High Lightning.

Score: These otherworldly sound explorers translate dream images into
sonic sketches. Their psychedelic wanderings seem to be recorded anywhere
except on our troubled Planet Earth. My guess is, at the dark side of the moon.

Sun Worship‘ has a spacey resonance, shadowy colors circling around a dimmed light,
and a slo-mo cinematic flow with May’s wailing all over it. Flashes from the soundtrack
of Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and David Lynch’s Eraserhead come to mind. Enigmatic and weird? Yes, but tell me what images you see when your
next dream comes up.

Press play and float away…

DYR FRASER: Facebook

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