ANIKA Is Hopeful About Humankind – Hear Her New Medative Single ‘CHANGE’

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3 June 2021

Artist: ANIKA
Who: The musical alias of Berlin-based artist, Annika Henderson.
She released her compelling self-titled solo debut LP back in 2010.
She also made two most impressive longplayers with Exploded View.
You can stream Obey (2018) and Exploded View (2016) here.

New single: CHANGE
“I think we can change. We all have things to learn, about
each other, about the world, about ourselves.”

Turn Up The Volume: Anika is a natural-born misfit. She did/does
it always her way with stirring stories, her magnetic voice, and her
drop-dead cool presence. I love Anika for all that. Change will not
change that. Her view on humankind’s future is optimistic, but the
only realistic manner for all of us to survive these troubled times
where racism, sexism, political extremism, and lots of recurring
social problems still hurt our society.

Listen/watch (great video) here…

You can buy the song on Bandcamp

ANIKA: Facebook

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