24-Hour Party Extravaganza – NEXT WAVE ACID PUNX Is The Ultimate Dark Club Dance Compilation


5 June 2021

What: 38 track journey across nearly 40 years of dark club music on three CD/double vinyl. Compiled and curated by Berlin-based Musician and DJ, Luca Venezia aka CURSES. Order/stream info here .
Released: 4 June via Eskimo Recordings

Artists: From music by Colourbox and Suicide to EBM pioneers, Front 242 through to recent club hits from Zombies in Miami, and 12 brand new, totally exclusive tracks from the likes of Shubostar, Chinaski, and Curses himself.

(Snapped by Fede Reyes (qu1nce) 2021)

Luca Venezia:“The first chapter takes early tracks from bands who came directly out
of the punk and new wave scenes, that played a major role in forming my musical taste.
The second chapter celebrates current music influenced by these early pioneers, while the
third chapter comprises exclusive new music made for this compilation… Some of the songs may have been written decades apart, but they all share an energy, a raw spirit… This is the sound of a community I love, a passion without sacrifice, that I now want to share with you.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is the ultimate motherfucker-compilation of all dark-club-music-motherfucker-compilations. This time the cliché ‘all killers, no fillers’ is totally accurate. Yes, 38 killers, zero fillers. An explosive 24-hour party cocktail to start and
end all (il)legal raves with. All EBM genres extravaganza for dance junks and addicted clubbers. Shake your booty, night owls!

Right here, right now

CURSES: Facebook

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