KING GIZZARD & THE WIZARD LIZARD Surprise With Sparkling Electro Pop Album ‘BUTTERFLY 3000’

12 June 2021

Who: Australian psych prog rockers who
released 18 albums in only 11 years.

New album: BUTTERFLY 3000
Released: 11 June 2021 – order info here

Pitchfork says: “Album number 18 was recorded in the band’s homes
during the pandemic, and trades psych-rock blitzes for a finely-woven
sprawl of synth programming and MIDI sequences… it’s a reminder that
King Gizzard usually peak when wandering far beyond a clear-cut path.
The coming of their most concise and carefree release truly could not
have been better timed.”
Full review here. Score: 7.5/10.

Stu Mackenzie (singer/songwriter) about the new record: “The synth we
were using has really rudimentary sequences that are just random combinations
of notes. We were drawn to the off-kilter amounts of notes — these weird time
signatures coming from the synthesizer, rather than drums. We were being led
by the capabilities of the technology, so I just thought, ‘I’m going to have an open
mind and see where this path leads.’”

Mackenzie sat down with music website Stereogum for a track-by-track tour.

Turn Up The Volume: I’m sure these Aussies write music while they’re sleeping.
It would take Radiohead half a century to come up with 18 longplayers. KG & TLW
cleared the job in 11 years. I know, some of their LPs sound like… some of their
other LPs, but this one is pretty different. The band takes us on an electro-pop
trip with sparkling tunes, dreamy chants, and featherlight melodies. And it works beautifully. A sunlit summer record.

album here..


(band pic from their ‘Float Along – Fill Your Lungs’ album)

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