Parisian Noiseniks MAPS AND FOILS Out Of Their Minds On New Single ‘ABÎME’

12 June 2021

Who: Metallic post-hardcore band from Paris, France
FFO: Cave In, Deftones, The Dillinger Escape Plan

New single: ABÎME (Abyss)

“Pushing the envelope toward darkest places, the first single off of their
incoming 2nd album resumes what’s to come: bouncy, aggressive, emotional
music meant to be played loud. The chemistry between so many heavy subgenres,
including chaotic hardcore, metalcore, post hardcore and post metal is better
than ever on this one.”

Turn Up The Volume: Kamikaze metal. Blitzkrieg hardcore. Monstrous vocals.
Maniacal drum smacks. Nasty rapid-fire guitars. You don’t need to understand
French. The ear-crashing energy and pulverising power this hit team develops
here speaks for itself. What a titanic sledgehammer.



New album LESS IS MORT out later in the year

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