From Riot Grrrls To Riot Women – SLEATER-KINNEY Groove On Tenth Album ‘PATH OF WELLNESS’

13 June 2021

Band: SLEATER-KINNEY (Olympia, Washington)
Active: 1994–2006, 2014–present / 10 albums (so far)
Note: Longtime drummer Janet Weiss left the band in 2019,
leaving the other two riot grlls, Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar)
and Carrie Brownstein (guitar and vocals) behind.

New album: PATH OF WELLNESS – 10th LP
Released: 11 June 2021

NME says: “The band’s first album since drummer Janet Weiss’ departure draws
on the gloom of their turn-of-the-millennium sound, but can be a little on-the-nose…
Time and time again, Sleater-Kinney perform this magical sleight-of-hand that few
artists can manage – they find words for humanity in all of its flawed chaos. Digging
out the meaning within each of their records to date feels like solving a satisfying puzzle…
What could’ve been a savvy dissection of seeking out connection during a surreal year
instead see them go straight down the line.”
Full review here. Score: 3/5.

Turn Up the Volume: From then to now. From riot grrrls to riot women.
From sharp-edged punk-up frenzy to funk-fueled grooves. From growing
up with a knife between the teeth to growing older with wayward rock
maturity. I can live with that.

Singles: Worry With You / High In The Grass / Method




Stream/buy full album…


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