Riff-Crazy Frenzy With Miami Turbo BRUVVY And New Clear-Cut Rocker ‘U THINK THIS SONG IS ABOUT U’

New sonic impulses…

24 June 2021

Who: Rebellious fronted rebel band from Miami, Florida


Liz Varum (Lead Vocalist): “The lyrics were written throughout the longest, shittiest
work day of my entire life. I was covered in sweat and kitchen grease, getting emotionally abused by my boss, and the only tips that were ending up in my pocket were coming from
a guy that wanted nothing more than for me to get on his motorcycle with him. I wondered
for a second if anyone would notice if I took a handful of cash from the tip jar. I learned that day that when the sole motivation behind work is money, everyone is, at some point, reduced
to a thief.”

Score: Bruvvy rocks their asses off on this barbed wire outburst. If you combine
the riff-crazy-frenzy of Van Halen, the sharp-cutting spirit of L.A. sensation Starcrawler
and the fervent flair of Savages you know a thunder and lighting storm is coming… the
way, all you young punks out there, like it. No rest for the rebels. The tip jar is all yours.

Press play and go bonkers…

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