Gut-Busting! Parody Cover Of QUEEN’s Monster Hit Called ‘MENOPAUSE RHAPSODY’

27 June 2021

MENOPAUSE RHAPSODY is a parody version, fabricated by SHIRLEY SERBAN,
of QUEEN‘s monster hit single Bohemian Rhapsody. A cover, all women will
relate to as it’s about the struggle of menopause.

Who is Shirley Serban​? A principal of Lake Brunner School in Moana, New Zealand
and as a freelance musician, she writes songs for clients across the world in her spare
time. Weird, really weird

Since the lockdown in NZ she has become a YouTube sensation (a bit like Toyah and husband Robert Fripp), after a parody video she did of the Sound of Music movie’s
most famous song Do-Re-Mi (about Covid-19).

Serban about “Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen in a parody song about Menopause.
Wwomen will relate to the struggle! A rhapsody is an epic, episodic, highly emotional
work. To be Bohemian is to be socially unconventional. Isn’t that combination the perfect description for a woman frustrated by menopause? For Queen fans, especially you older
queens facing or who have already been through menopause, this parody song is for you!”

Hilarious video (with the lyrics on screen)…


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