Wicked Riff Maniacs – Chicago Post Punks NUDE MODEL Play Electric-Charged ‘LOVE GAMES’

27 June 2021

Sound: Grinding, dissident, hyper, stripped down, post-everything.
Their sound comes from a deep appreciation of DIY music from 1977-1997.
Influences: black midi, Metz, and Girl Band (3 of Turn Up the Volume’s favorite
noise-challenging bands, on record and on stage)

Album: LOVE GAMES – sophomore LP
Released: 7 May 2021 via No Trend Records

Turn Up The Volume says: This is the kind of rowdy rumpus that makes me jump up
and down like a hyperkinetic kangaroo. Picture this: Gang Of Four‘s late great guitarist (Locusts / Red / Tuffy Fluffy) joining Australian madmen The Birthday Party along their cowboy bassist Tracy Pew (Solid Solid Gold / Ice Storm / Heart Beat ) with Nude Model’s Michael Guarrine on vocals. Sounds scary, right?

I know it’s only post-noise-rock-exorcism but I bloody like it.

Release the bats (and the kangaroos) here…

NUDE MODEL: Facebook

Artwork by Alex Beaton

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