2 July 2021

Artists: Bobby Gillespie and Jenny Beth
Who: Frontman of Primal Scream and frontwoman of Savages

Released: 2 July 2021

NME: “Rock’n’rollers singing heartbroken country duets? It sounds dystopian on
paper – but this thoughtful collaboration both surprises and delivers… On paper,
‘Utopian Ashes’ sounds like an unusual – and potentially risky – endeavour. Two of
rock’n’roll’s brightest stars (one established for decades, the other still staking a
rightful claim) teaming up to record a fictionalised pre-divorce album inspired by
classic country duets is the definition of a niche undertaking…

With ‘Utopian Ashes’, Beth and Gillespie continually harness such pain – and the
strange bravery of a couple trying desperately to keep their lives together even as
things fracture around them. It’s understated, and a quietly affecting success.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: I love Bobby, I love Jehnny and I like what they’re doing
here, but I love Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood better as their heartbreakers and tearjerkers back then – in the 60s, in the unsurpassed decade of romanticism and nostalgia – sounded/sound more authentic and more natural and Nancy & Lee had (unforgettable) hit tunes which you will not find on Utopian Ashes.

Single: Remember When We ere Lovers

Full album…

Order info: here

Together on the cover of Rolling Stone (France)

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