Sonorous Triumph – English Singer/Songwriter HANNAH ROBINSON With New Single ‘DIG ME UP’

New sonic impulses…

3 July 2021

Who: Singer-songwriter from the south coast of England, whose
music blends her distinctive voice and soulful melodies with her
nonchalant, percussive guitar style and lyrics which are rich with

New single: DIG ME UP
About: “The song tells the story of being buried under self-doubt and worry
and then meeting someone who pulls you out of that to reveal the real you
again. It’s inspired by things I’ve felt, and the joy in being brought out of that
says Robinson.

Score: The rock swagger of Sheryl Crow, the melodramatic richness
of Florence Welch, and a vivid voice as imposing as St. Paul’s Cathedral.
The combination of those envigorating elements leads to emotional
resurrection. Dig Me Up is Robinson’s sonorous and liberating triumph.

Stream/buy the song here…


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