Deluxe Edition Of 2014 Debut Album ‘STREET VENOM’ By DEATH VALLEY GIRLS

4 July 2021

Who: Garage rock fury from Los Angeles, led by
vocalist/guitarist/organist and charismatic voodoo
doll Bonnie Bloomgarden, fabricating Californian
doom boogie.
Active since 2013 / 4 albums so far

Debut album STREET VENOM – released in 2014, only on
a small run of cassettes – comes back 30th July, for the first
time on vinyl, courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records.

This deluxe edition is a fully remixed and remastered version
of Street Venom plus two bonus tracks. The initial vinyl pressing
is limited to 2000 copies—1,500 on Satan’s Fingerprint (retail only),
300 on Full Moon Fever, and 200 on Eye of the Beholder (both available
only direct from the label store and Bandcamp). A digital issue is
also obtainable. More info right HERE.

I still love you, Bonnie (photo by Turn Up The Volume)

To get in the right mood, the band shared a psychedelia-colored
video clip for Sanitarium Blues, one of the album’s highlights.

Bonnie Bloomgarden about the song…

“When I was a kid, I ended up in a mental institution after trying to finish my life!
I eventually found out that I am bipolar and extremely empathetic. Life just got too intense/scary to know how to deal with alone! I didn’t know how to get help or that
help would work… This song is about my stay at the institution! The combination of
stuff I do that is currently keeping me alive/balanced is taking antidepressants,
walking a lot, meditating, therapy, plant medicine, space from humans, and my dog.”

Listen/watch here below…

Original album…

DVG: Facebook

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume)

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