Relaxing Lullabies And Amplified Pop Dreams – GOOD MORNING TV Loves ‘SMALL TALK’

6 July 2021

Who: French dream-pop quartet that started as the solo
project of vocalist/guitarist Bérénice Deloire back in 2016

Album: SMALL TALK – debut LP
Released: 18 June 2021 via Géographie Records

Turn Up The Volume: So many moments to play this record. In the morning
when getting out of bed. At noon when taking a break from whatever you’re
doing. In the evening while relaxing on your lazy couch after a tiresome day.
During a candlelight dinner with your beloved one(s).

The overall feel is smooth, dreamy, jazzy, shoegaz-y (Insomniac / Human Comedy
/ Moving Image / Make Me Feel
), although atmospherics catch fire when guitars take
over (Tourism Business Pt.2), or get trippy (Emptiness Overload). The near-whispering, sensual voice of Bérénice Deloire has a calming effect, but frequently she gives room
for guitar-driven electricity that takes certain songs to a more amplified level.
Different soundscapes for different moods.

Want some references: Mazzy Starr, Françoise Hardy, The Sundays, Portishead, Cocteau
. Enough reasons not to watch TV but to start up your stereo for some small talk.

Singles: Insomniac / Entertainment



Buy/stream full album here..


(photo: Antoine Magnien)

Bérénice Deloire (vocals / guitars)
Thibault Picot (guitars / keyboards)
Barth Bouveret (bass guitar / keyboards)
Hugo Dupuis (drums / keyboards)

Photo: Antoine Magnien

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