Is Indie Music Dead? SUNDAY RECORDS Gives You The Loud And Dream Pop Clear Answer

A 10 tracks compilation with 8 of the finest artists of Sunday Records
Sunday Records: An Indie Pop Label – with great ears, great taste and
a great vision – founded in 1990, Chicago, IL

To Turn Up The Volume‘s greedy ears, Indie will never disappear as long as
non-mainstream orientated artists put their heart and soul into whatever they
want to do musically, and as long as independent labels put their heart and
soul into giving the much-needed support to those adventurers.

This compilation shows loud and clear why alternative music is, overall, purer
and more genuine than what money-greedy big labels mostly sell. Of course, not
all indie stuff is good, and not all mainstream output is bad. In the end, it is the
music itself – whatever genre – that conquers – or not – the heart and soul of
the listener. But me/we need(s) indie for its adventurous spirit, its creative open-mindedness and we’ll see what happens approach.

Now back to the record. The featured artists are:

Strawberry Generation – affecting dream pop from Providence, Rhode Island, US
Letting Up Despite Great Faults (what a name) – shoegazy/dreamy jingle jangle electricity from Austin, Texas
Mariana In Our Heads – synth-driven daydream pop from Japan
Alpaca Sports – romantic Vampire Weekend-like pop from Sweden, Europe
The Arctic Flow – reveries about love, loss, joy and sadness from
a one-man-band based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The Suncharms – slow/fast melancholia pop from Sheffield, UK
Starry Eyed Cadet – dream pop with The Sundays echoes, San Francisco, CA
Sugar World – frisky dream guitar musings from San Diego, California

Enough said, stream/buy
all these beauties…


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