New LP New Single – I Love The Smell Of ‘GOD DAMN’ In The Morning

New sonic impulses…

9 July 2021

(Artwork: Hannah Al-Shemmer)

Who: Explosive noise-engine from Wolverhampton, UK

New album: RAW COWARD – the band’s 4th longplayer
Out: 10th September via One Little Independent Records

New single: SHIT GUITAR – 2nd taster from the upcoming album

Thomas Edwards (frontman): “It’s about removing pedestals and false
idols and being humble with what you’ve got, doing great things with whatever
you can. You don’t need that expensive guitar to prop yourself up because it
was played by an insecure predator anyway. You don’t need that flashy car
to feel important because it’s also driven by a capitalist slave driver.”

Score: Holy shit! What a horror-ific uppercut. After a there’s no such thing
as rock ‘n’ roll
intro, all hell breaks loose with deafening howls, followed by
a vicious, slow-moving in-your-face groove before this jagged juggernaut
bulldozes its turbulent way towards an apocalyptic finale. Next to psychotic
loudmouth Edwards, madman Rob Zombie sounds like a pussy. Oh my,
I love the smell of GOD DAMN in the morning. Hell bloody hell yeah!

the shit here…

You also need to see the clip for lead-single Yout. Manic madness in spastic motion.

GOD DAMN: Facebook

Beware, they only look nice…

(Pic: Jessica-Rose Lena)

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