TYPHOID ROSIE – Punk & Roll With New Racy Single ‘DEFEND YOUR TEMPLE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 July 2021

Who: Rolling gang out of Brooklyn, New York delivers
high-energy sing-along alt/punk with pop hooks and
indie grit.

New album: QUEEN OF SWORDS, out August 13
Order info: here

Pre-order trailer


Rosie Rebel (front-fighter) says “A punk song for every little girl
who was sold a sham fairy tale, and is still waiting to be loved in
such a disposable age: “She don’t need no prince, she don’t need
no mice, she’ll make it on her own just fine!”

Turn Up The Volume: Imagine imperishable rockers Green Day fronted
by rousing Riot grrrl Rosie Rebel out of Brooklyn. A loud and clear feminist
don’t mess with me
fury who leads a punk ‘n roll hit team that knows how
to get your lazy body out of your lazy couch. Defend Your Temple whams
and bams from the very clash and smash kick-off. No mercy for macho
men, no mercy for sexist studs. Capice?

Alert your neighbors
before you press play


(Photo: Mark Doyle)

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