The Dark World Is Theirs – THE NOVUS Rage On Their Jaw-Dropping Debut EP ‘THALEIA STANDING’

12 July 2021

Who: Having been described as the most powerful thing to come out
of Birmingham since the industrial steam-engine, The Novus lead the
Gen-Z charge fuelled by council-estate angst & longing for escape from
small-town mentalities with their bigger-picture ideologies. Impossible
to put in a box, The Novus extract influence from all areas – from 70s
psychedelic rock to contemporary post-punk & are obsessed with every
aspect of the eternal realm we call ‘art’.

New EP: THALEIA STANDING – the band’s debut EP

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a scorching melting pot of all things that
make rock so terrifically vital. Anthemic delirium (I Serve Not), post-punk
anger (Hate Is The Cancer), a couple of massive Jimmy Page riffs combined
with that early, hallucinatory The Verve swagger (Overdriven), a hypnotic roller
coaster (Castaway), and a slow-burning psych-o-delic trip with an apocalyptic
outro (Journey – With No End).

No stories about the birds and the bees, no mainstream nonsense. These
wall-of-monstrous-psych-sound-producing misfits rage about the real world,
the one that’s dark and will be soon theirs. Get the picture? I thought so. Jaw-
dropping debut EP. Hands down.



Stream full EP

Buy on Bandcamp

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