Welsh Psych Popsters RED TELEPHONE Are Happy Men

New sonic impulses…

12 July 2021


Who: Cardiff group formed in 2018 producing richly layered dark psych pop, combining shimmering, angular guitars, Krautrock-inspired rhythms, and New Wave-tinged synths with an infectious and melodic melancholy.

New single: HAPPY MAN

“The first single release from Red Telephone’s upcoming 2021 debut album and,
evoking the dark and brooding soundscapes of films such as ‘Drive’ and ‘Blade
Runner’, explores themes of detachment, isolation and self-evaluation in the
midst of a long-distance relationship.”

Buy here

Happy Man is a sweet little moody pop gem centered around a velvety melody
that starts to float around in your head after a couple of spins. Glimmering guitars, glowing synths and reflective vocals. Heavy-heartedness for melancholic moments.

Press play…


(group photo: via FB of Red Telephone)

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