Led Zeppelin Fronted By Cherrie Curry – Sharp Miami Rockers BRUVVY Nail It With ‘NOT FOR SALE’

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13 July 2021

(Photo credit: Carla Nicolella (@carlanicoo)

Who: Rebellious fronted
rebel band from Miami, Florida

New single: NOT FOR SALE
Second taster from their upcoming
debut EP Little Heat

Liz Varum (vocalist) about the new one: “I came to a boiling point when
my boss at the time told me how unlikely it was that I was going to make it
in the music industry and that I should always have a backup. Being that it
was my millionth time hearing this, I got overwhelmed and decided to write
a song dedicated to all the people who have underestimated me in the past.”

Turn Up The Volume: Imagine hard rock heroes Led Zeppelin fronted
by loudmouth Cherrie Curry of 70s punk sensation The Runaways. That’s
exactly how Miami turbo Bruvvy nails it with this new sassy stunner. Dirty
Jimmy Page-like blues-rock-riffage, and sneering screaming by spitfire Varum.
Her mind is not for sale. Got it? You’d better.

Start the fury here…

BRUVVY: Facebook

Debut EP LITTLE HEAT out next month

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