SINGLE RUIN Presents New Booming Beats EP ‘UNIQUE’

13 July 2021

Artist: SINGLE RUIN (Brighton, UK)

Who: Producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist,
developing intrinsically over a number of years, craving
time for creative freedom Single Ruin developed his own
studio Basement58 where he honed in on all aspects of
his sound before experimenting in secretive live shows.

(photo via Crosstown PR)


Turn Up The Volume: Slow-burning bass beats with a mind-twisting vibe
à la The Human Being Boiled League (Careful Now / Unique / Make Up Your
Damn Mind
). Dreamtime (Just A Heads Up). Playful piano infused cyber pop
(You Want Me Back) and dancefloor Prince funk in slo-mo (Pure Magic). Add
Single Ruin‘s hypnotizing vocals, and you have a unique companion for your
favorite nightmares.

Catch all the vibes here…


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