Shadowy Synth/Guitar Reflections – British Duo TMFC With New EP ‘THE SPACE IN BETWEEN Pt. 1’

Extended plays…

19 July 2021

(photo INNO media)

Band: TMCF (UK)
Who: Pop duo unafraid to blend ambience with indie hooks to
create a psychedelic experience. Formed in a time of hopelessness.


“We had the opportunity to dig deep introspectively and remember why it is we
make music in the first place. The reason is that music more than a choice, more
than a commodity – on a very human level, to us and to so many people, it is a
part of who we are… During the production of this EP, we were able to feel gravity
again, let our feet finally re-connect with the ground during this crazy time, and
once again fall in love with the process of creating music.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect an instrumental synth/guitar opener (The Space
In Between
), a shadowy prog-roller-coaster with electrical twists and turns, and
a magnetic bass riff (Thaumaturgy), darkwavish pop-scapes (From Green To Grey
/ Collapse
), a sparkling dreamtune (The Lions Den ) and a euphonic, vocal symphony
with mellow piano touches (Soon The World Goes Black). Sounds intriguing, right?

Play this EP a couple of times in a row, so your hungry
ears can slowly discover the layered moodiness of it.

Dive into the space in between here…

TMCF: Facebook

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