Psychedelic Trip With SEADOG – Discover New Single ‘OLD JOE’

26 July 2021

Who: Brighton-based project of musician/songwriter Mark Benton
and Tom Chadd
along with their eclectic troupe of performers. They
create dream-pop songs combining a variety of influences into a
myriad sound of lullabies with anthemic electric and acoustic textures.

New single: OLD JOE
Recorded at the Bella Union studios

Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins legend & Bella Union artist) about the fresh
piece: “With a cool motorik rhythm and atmospheric lead vocals floating above fuzzy
folk guitars and vintage sounding synths, “Old Joe” is a delight. It’s like being on a train
ride through time as the song looks back wistfully at a life gone by, contemplating all
that went before, the happy and the sad. A particularly touching song from what
already feels like Seadog’s most accomplished work to date.”

Turn Up The Volume
says: Old Joe moves and grooves from the kick-off. Its
ongoing Krautrock-like hypnotizing spell, its energizing synth mesmerism, its
repetitive beat, its echoing vocals, all contribute to the psychedelic impact of this
exciting trip. Once you’ve joined the ride, you won’t get off. Clear-cut crackerjack!

Feel the vibrant vibe here…

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