MY GRITO RECORD LABEL Released A Great Summer Party Compilation For A Great Organisation

27 July 2021

Album: MAS ALTO! Charity Compilation Vol. 3
Publishers: My Grito Industries and Latin Alt Radio
Artists: Adrian Carmine, Florencia Andrada, The Paranoais, Tiarra Girls,
GUSPY, Raye Zaragoza, Profesor Galactico, Maria Sanchez, Johnny Ruiz and
The Escapers, Jackie Mendez, Carlos Canovas, The Honey Tones, Marinero,
LUCYS, The Mini Projects, The Tracks, 3LH, The Hideaway, Coyotes Del Barrio,
Buena Suerte, Rundown Kreeps, Valley Wolf, Ear Ringers, Rare Hearts, Surely
Tempo, Los Hotshots, The Intuitions Bad Hombres.

Music: Reggae, Ska, Blues, Rock, Latin exotica, Surf, Rap, soulful ballads
to take a breather… actually anything that activates your hips for the rest
of the summer. Trust me (playing for the third time right now): 28 great
, 28 new songs. I didn’t know any track, nor any artist… and now
I’m tapping my feet on repeat.

All proceeds go to East Los Angeles Women’s Center.

“A leading voice and advocate for survivors and their families affected by sexual, domestic, and intimate partner violence , HIV/AIDS and the intersection of homelessness. In 1976 a small group of dedicated Latinas in East Los Angeles established the first-in-the-nation bilingual hotline for Spanish–speaking survivors of sexual assault. Today, ELAWC delivers innovative, comprehensive, culturally-responsive services that build on a foundation of trauma-informed, evidence-based practices designed to heal, support, protect, and empower the communities we serve. Working in collaboration with our partners we also foster the implementation of policies and practices that support social justice and human rights. ELAWC has earned a reputation as a trusted and compassionate resource working to empower and transform lives – and the lives of future generations.”

I have my copy, so should you. Great charity compilation for a great, caring organization.
I purchased my copy, so should you. You can buy it (digitally) on Bandcamp, below. It’s a name your price offer.

Discover all the beauties here…




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