All Dressed Up And Ready To Go – Swing Your Hips With THE WAVOS

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2 August 2021

Who: A modern rock band with influences ranging
from the insanely creative ‘80s new wave and punk to
the driving alternative rock of the ‘90s and ‘00s, with
liberal doses of electro-pop and techno dance energy.

“The track is an homage to Prince and to Stevie Wonder’s bass lines,
it brings an element of soulful funk to our traditionally ’80s new wave,
powerpop focus. Joe’s clean guitar chords and falsetto vocals lay the
foundation of the song.
” says the band.

Turn Up The Volume: We’re halfway through summer, let’s throw
in some new dynamic disco ball dazzlement to keep our limbs in
great shape. Love Beach will do the trick perfectly. It’s a sexy M.F.
. It’s a funky Prince and Stevie Wonder celebration with
a guest spot for the Bee Gees nightingales. Get the sonic picture?

Let’s dress up and get ready to go.

Right here, right now…

Don’t stop the music yet.
Love Beach is the opening track of
The Wavos new EP Five On The Floor!

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