Chameleon Pop ‘N’ Rock Sparks – London’s NUN HABIT Drop Debut Album ‘HEDGE FUN’

2 August 2021

Who: A queer five-piece from London who play fun, fuzzy
garage rock. Their songs are a mishmash of influences all
pulled together by a love of loud noises, pop tunes, and
having a good time.

New Album: HEDGE FUN
Released: 2 August 2021

(credit: Armadillo Media)

Selina (guitarist): “With Nun Habit, everyone is welcome to bring anything
to the table and it makes you feel really comfortable being more adventurous
with your sounds and ideas. Our songs come together in the moment with the
five of us lobbing in ideas so we never really know where we’ll end up.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is a great 2021 record with influences from several
decades. From easy-going Belle & Sebastian pop (Slip n Slide / Snow Day) to jiving
jingle-jangle disco (Marigolds / TinderHingeHer). From synth/organ sparks (Flock
Of Seagulls
(about that band?) / Soap and Cigarettes) to blue lullabies (Blooms /
One More

Different voices, changing moods, big tunes, vibrant vibes.
Overall, a buzzing chameleon longplayer made to play on repeat.

Stream/buy here…

NUN HABIT: FacebookSpotify

Written & performed by Nun Habit:

Emma – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Kate – vocals, bass, guitar, synth, piano
Gregory – vocals, guitar, bass, synth, cowbell
Rachel – keyboards, Hammond organ, backing vocals
Selina – guitar, bass, synth, backing vocals

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Ric James
Additional synth, guitar, backing vocals & percussion by Ric James

Artwork by Dani Johnson

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