THE RUDDY RUCKUS Flame With Force On New Ripper ‘YOU AND ME’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

4 August 2021

Who: Ardent indie rockers
from Hamilton, Canada

New album: Wentworth and Main
Out 10th September 2021

New single: YOU AND ME

“About one of those relationships – one that has the velocity
of atoms smashing in the Large Hadron Collider.”

Turn Up The Volume: This ardent 4-piece flames with force
on this new riff-roaring ripper. They operate somewhere
between Green Day and Weezer. With punked-up panache,
gusty guitars, vivid vocals, and a cracking chorus.

And don’t forget, all you need is love.

Pump it up here, folks…


New album Wentworth and Main (great artwork) out 10th September

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