Belgian Force SONIC TIDES Dropped Noisy Blues Rock Slam ‘THE GRASS GROWS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

5 August 2021

Band: SONIC TIDES (Liege)
Who: Belgian 4-piece that produces a big subversive sound
ranging from noise rock to psychedelic. We dive into their
duality between dissonant sounds and hypnotizing and
neurotic harmonies.

New single: THE GRASS GROWS – only their second piece
after debut Foreseen Failure

The song is “inspired by the phenomenon of procrastination. Look at
the grass grow, and the seasons pass without progress. The frustration
generated by this situation.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Expect a dark noisy blues slam with a Black
resonance. A slow-burning sucker punch moving with powerful
passion. Aggressive guitars and fervent vocals elevate this big belter to a
feverish level. Halfway the intensity turns into a guitar-loaded wall-of-titanic
blast before the clamorous finale kicks in. Storming stroke.

The kooky video clip is directed by Alex Orma, and with
Bright Eze (Vice World Bodybuilding Champion 2020) as
the central figure

Bang your head right here…


This band is about to grow

(photo: Gaux Mar)

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