Blues Rock Firework With DAN DOVONAN And His New Album ‘BAT BEATS’

8 August 2021

Who: Artist, musician, poet, photographer, video maker, nomadic
creative. Still figuring out a definition but quite happy to be undefined.

New album: BAT BEATS
Released: 27 July 2021 – You can buy it here

Dan Donovan: “11 new tunes written predominantly throughout 2020/21. I’ve
embraced some 70’s glam rock sonics, Krautrock beats, Desert Rock ambience and
created this my own garage fuelled sound. Bat Beats is visceral and frank, deeply
reflective with a ton of soul-searching. I teamed up with long-time collaborator
producer Gavin Monaghan (Dust Shaker, Bootus Red, The Hex The Ghears, King
Kool) to cook up this album.”

Turn Up The Volume: Meaner than The Black Keys, much louder than Seasick
, and movin’ and groovin’ as ZZ Top. Uppercut drones, bonking beats,
bulldozing jams, swamp blues swagger, fired-up riff-lick-and-hook ecstasy,
haunting vocals, and an ominous spoken word end.

If all this fiery firework doesn’t active your lazy limbs
you need to change your meds. For all the others,
the show starts right here.

Release the bats…


BAT BEATS available via Bandcamp

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