Los Angeles Misfits FOXX BODIES Detonate On New Single ‘BAD KID’

Daily electricity to load yur batteries

10 August 2021

(photo: Rochelle Shipman)

Band: FOXX BODIES (Los Angeles)
Who: Actually a sort of an accident. Bailey Moses, Adam Bucholz, and Matt Vanek
came together in their shared home when their singer Bella Vanek asked everyone
to play loud music she could scream over after she began unpacking her newly-
recognized childhood abuse.

Release: 5 November 2021 – order info here

“On Vixen, Vanek makes her trauma sound dangerously intriguing, singing about her
life in such a startling and honest way that it makes you examine your own ideas of
mental illness, gender, and trauma. Marry that with Moses’ salty, surfy licks, Bucholz’s
elaborate fills, [Matt] Vanek’s infectious baselines, and it’s all over. The four desert punks
meld together to bring a magnetic, dramatic air to each song, delivering romping punk
and the occasional piercing scream.”


BELLA VANEK: “When I am feeling happy and optimistic, it is so fun to sing and scream
and it gives me energy. On a bad day, I weep while singing this song and my stomach hurts
and the screaming feels like every piece of me leaving my body. It sounds so dramatic, but
I swear this song could fit into any moment of my life and be relevant.”

Turn Up The Volume: Foxy front lady Vanek spits and sneers and screams louder
than any Riot Grrl ever did. Her vocal range is beyond normal. On this slo-mo surfy
slam daunk she and her turbulent band swing from left to right and back with brutal
force and blustery bloody-mindedness. Wanna fight your demons? Be a bad kid and
yell your lungs to pieces. It helps for Bella.

I’ve been a bad kid.
My mom tells me I’m wrong;
don’t think she knows yet.

I’ve been a bad kid.
I want to tell you you’re wrong,
but I don’t know shit.

Warn your neighbours before you press play…


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