Indie Paradise With BIG STIR RECORDS And Their Tenth Wave Compilation

11 August 2021


“Big Stir Records emerged as a natural progression of the monthly Big Stir Concert
Series in Los Angeles, launched in 2016 by Christina Bulbenko and Rex Broome of Burbank-based band The Armoires. Their initial goal was to nurture the local guitar pop community,
but as that community coalesced and grew, the outlook became global, spawning sister series
in the UK and elsewhere in California.

The artists and bands of a reinvigorated live scene found themselves ready to create new records for a wider audience; Broome and Bulbenko responded by founding BSR. Currently boasting CD and LP releases from a roster of over 30 artists from the US, UK, Sweden and Germany and supporting many more through their weekly Digital Singles Series, the label has been hailed by the likes of Don Valentine (I Don’t Hear A Single) as “the best thing to happen to the pop rock scene in ages, and long overdue”.

Released: 12 June 2021 – more info & order facilities here

What: A powerful compilation of A- and B-sides issued in October and November of
2020 by the label. While it’s the sterling example of the best music on the global pop
rock scene that listeners expect, it’s also an essential document of the turbulent times
of its making. This is top flight musicianship in the service of radio-ready tunes, but it also tells us a great deal about the world as it is today, as seen by some of our favorite songwriters and performers. Put briefly, it resonates.

Turn Up The Volume: This is not just a compilation. It’s an amazing collection of Big Stir Records artists presenting you an effervescent cocktail of great music. Guitar and dream pop, classic and modern rock, garage electricity, blues swagger, compelling ballads, and actually anything that’s related to exciting indie music. A total of 22 tracks making you feel relaxing in a sonic paradise. Red artists, rad tunes, rad record. Hallelujah!

Buy/stream all
Big Stir singles here…

Compilation Curated and Produced by
Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko

Mastered by Steven Wilson

Art Design and liner notes: Rex Broome

BIG STIR RECORDS: FacebookWebsite

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