Canadian Indie Rockers THE BLACK FEVER Stir With Their New Electrically-Charged Jam ‘NOWHERE’

12 August 2021

Who: Indie post-punk trio in Toronto, Canada

New single: NOWHERE

“Ever get the feeling that we’ve been cheated? Like the promises we were sold in
our youth were just a smokescreen we’ve been driving towards, until we wound
up nowhere. “Nowhere,” tries to tap into these existential feelings of angst felt by
our current generation.”

Turn Up The Volume: Nowhere sounds like a desperation song, but one
that has a deeply felt effect on your psyche, on your state-of-2021-mind. This
spellbound jam is driven by melancholic guitar lines, reminding me of Interpol‘s
electrically-charged resonance. Its repetitive magnetism triggers what’s going on sentiments, but also a weirdly romantic emotion, accentuated by the wandering
vocals looking for a new direction. Affecting and soul-stirring fever, indeed.

Stream/buy ‘Nowhere’ here…


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