SHAUNA SEETEENAK – Iqaluit-Based Inuit Hip-Pop Artist Fights To ‘SEE THE LIGHT’

New sonic vibes

15 August 2021

Who: Caring hip-hop artist from
Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada.


“The song serves as a preview to her forthcoming debut album,
Therapy Sessions. The release sees Seeteenak focus her music on
telling her truths, and shining light on the struggles that Inuit people
face in Canada — a humble cause, and often a very dark and
sobering reality.”

Shauna: “Man, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot these couple years. I’m able
to think clearly, get dedicated to something worthwhile like writing music, or
exercising. It’s nice to not wake up anymore thinking ‘wtf did I do this time?’
she continued. “Today, I want to stay sober for my health, physically, mentally,
and emotionally. It makes dealing with stressors much easier.”

Turn Up The Volume:
We need songs like these in the restless times we live in.
Songs of hope, songs of consolation, songs of inspiration. Shauna wants humankind
to fight to see the light (at the end of the tunnel) again. She’s irrefutably correct. Her musing is embedded in a starry-eyed and instantly enthralling groove that hops from dreamy pop to hip-swaying rap and back. Great sentiments, great tune, great vox.

Enlighten yourself right here…


New album THERAPY SESSIONS out 27th August

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