Pithy Pop Punk Rock Choir TYPHOID ROSIE Scores With New Flaming Album ‘QUEEN OF SWORDS’

17 August 2021

Who: High-energy sing-along alt/punk rock team with pop hooks and indie grit.

Released: 13 August 2021
Press statement “A powerful rally cry of self-love, self-Reliance, and independence.
Recorded remotely at home in quarantine during Covid-19 with the exception of drums
and bass, recorded at Cannon Found Soundation in Brooklyn, New York. ”

(photo by Mark Doyle)

Turn Up The Volume on discovering this wildly exciting hit team: “Imagine imperishable rockers Green Day fronted by rousing Riot grrrl Rosie Rebel out of Brooklyn. A loud and clear feminist don’t mess with me fury who leads a punk ‘n roll hit team that knows how to get your lazy body out of your lazy couch.”

With their fresh-smelling album Queen Of Swords they confirm all that and more.
Expect a zigzagging collection of amplified jackhammers to start and end post-lockdown parties with. They sound like a sort of pop-punk-rock gospel choir spreading a crystal clear message of self-trust, self-empowerment and self-expression while rocking their asses off.

Remember Frank Sinatra’s I did it my way motto? That’s exactly what Rosie Rebel and her gunslingers do too, doing it their way. But louder, more muscled and more go-out-of-your-mind orientated than ol’ blue eyes Frank. Capice?

Buy/stream the party here…


Rosie Rebel: Lead Vocals, Gang Vocals
Jeff Crews: Lead Guitar, Gang Vocals
Matt Van Ernest: Bass Guitar
Phil Wartell: Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Bass (Track 10), Gang Vocals

Album artwork, layout and design by Paul Kepple of Headcase Designs

Mixed & Mastered by Jesse Cannon
Produced & Arranged by Phil Wartell

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