MICHAEL MEYERS Is Back – Hear The Theme Tune For ‘HALLOWEEN KILLS’ Here…

18 August 2021

Remember Michael Meyers? The serial psycho killer who starred in classic horror
movie Halloween back in 1978. Guess what? The manic slasher is back in the sequel HALLOWEEN KILLS. In cinemas from 14 October on. Jamie Lee Curtis who played a
main role in the first movie is also back.

Moviemaker John Carpenter who directed the 1978 film takes, this time, care of the soundtrack. The theme tune UNKILLABLE hit YouTube yesterday. It sounds like some
sort of multi-layered Gothic symphony. But when you close your eyes and think of Michael Meyers, the instrumental piece becomes quite creepy. You can watch the trailer, premiered in June also, below.

Be ready for the unkillable…

The trailer

More info about the movie here

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