It’s A R.E.M. COVERS COMPILATION As We Know It And The Band Feels Fine

20 August 2021

Album: A CARNIVAL OF SHORTS – An R.E.M. Covers Compilation
Issued: by GOD IS IN THE TV, the very popular independent music
and culture online magazine founded by editor Bill Cummings in
Cardiff, Wales back in 2003.

What?: It’s a celebration of the fortieth band anniversary
of indie icons R.E.M. with no less than 40 covers of songs
by the big Athens hit machine.

Artists: An international cast of talented artists from independent labels,
self-releasing, and musicians who are just fans of the band. They come from
Wales, Athens, London, Edinburgh, Sweden, Japan, Australia, and beyond, with
each act taking on R.E.M. in their own distinct styles.

IMPORTANT: All proceeds (only £6 for the full download via Bandcamp ) go to
Help Musicians who have done great work, especially over the last few years
funding musicians when they couldn’t tour due to the pandemic.

The jingle-jangle kings themselves are euphoric about this compilation…

Bill Berry: “All of these renditions are noteworthy, enthusiastic thumbs up!
So proud that younger groups got what we were goin’ for. Thanks”

Peter Buck
: “Tell em its cool. I’m in the studio.”

Michael Stipe : “I’m listening now, and I’m blown away by the energy
and voices that are coming through this project—what an honor!”

R.E.M. is one of my all-time favorite bands, on record and on stage.
A series of classic albums, a series of classic singles, and classic live
shows is what I and millions of fans got from this most memorable
group. This colossal collection reminds us once again of the massive
greatness of this rapid eye movement. It’s definitely NOT the end of
R.E.M. as we know it, and it feels very fine.

the mega compil
right here…

R.E.M.: Discography


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