Sultry Blues Punk Fire With Miami Gang BRUVVY – Here’s Their Brand New Debut EP ‘LITTLE HEAT’

20 August 2021

Who: Steamy team from Miami, Florida


Turn Up The Volume: Imagine heavy blues-rock titans Led Zeppelin fronted by sexy loudmouth Cherrie Curry of 70s punk sensation The Runaways. That’s precisely how
this pumped-up Miami punk fury rattles and rolls on debut EP Little Heat.

Five red-hot-blooded, adrenalin-injected jackhammers, tons of Jimmy Page-like riffage, Bonham slams and lots of sneering and screaming by spitfire Liz Varum. Watch your
back Starcrawler, Bruvvy is breathing down your necks. Little heat, big fire.

Liz Varum (vocalist/songwriter) “We’ve grown so much since our first three singles and you can really hear how our sound has evolved and matured. When the band first started it was solely based on partying and you can hear that come through the lyrics, with very simplistic arrangements. For example, the first 3 singles are all about sex. As we started to take the band more seriously, our lives began to change and with that we faced more obstacles in the way friends and family perceived us.”

Time to turn up the heat and stream the whole EP
below while Liz tells us more about all 5 tracks



“I wrote the lyrics while working at a super dead end server job where I was very
underpaid and was in an emotionally abusive relationship with my boss. I realized
that I was so desperate to get a paycheck that I was willing to persevere through
emotionally destructive behavior.”


“The lyrics came to me when I realized that I reached the point where people stopped considering me cute for playing in a band and I was now at the make it or break it age
where I had to either make this into a career or be rejected by society. I came to a boiling
point when my boss at the time told me how unlikely it was that I was going to make it in
the music industry and that I should always have a backup. Being that it was my millionth
time hearing this, I got overwhelmed and decided to write a song dedicated to all the people who have underestimated me in the past.”

– ATTN. –

“This is about shifting my gears to giving this band my full attention,
instead of any other thought that was clouding my mind at the time.”


“Faking orgasms.”


“I wrote this shortly before quitting that same dead end job. The song was written
as a mantra for myself. It is my evidence for others and myself that i am worthy
of reaching my biggest goals in what I want to do.”

Thank you Liz for your input.
May the road rise with Bruvvy!

BRUVVY: Facebook

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