Canadian Americana With THE ELECTRIC PETALS And Their Relaxing Debut Single ‘WILD AT HEART’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

22 August 2021

Who: Fresh Canadian trio that came together in the
summer of 2020. They produce their music at a log
cabin studio on an island in Temagami, Canada.

Debut single: WILD AT HEART
First piece from upcoming debut LP

The song “captures the mood of just unplugging and
calming the fuck down for a minute, taking a deep breath.”

Turn Up The Volume: Recording music in a cabin on an island sounds
magical. Away from the busy, confusing, and troubling reality, the don’t worry
be happy
style. Wild At Heart has that relaxing, chill-out vibe that transfers your
restless mind to la-la land. Its lazy groove slows your pulse, your heartbeat and
your stream of thoughts down. This resonates as Americana, the Canadian way.
Think Take It Easy by legends the Eagles.

Feel good
right here…


Don’t worry, be happy

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