Losing Your Religion – Canadian Trio ELLEVATOR Reflects On Their New Synth Pop Groove ‘EASY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

23 August 2021

Who: Alt synth-pop trio
from Hamilton, Ontario

New single: EASY

Nabi Sue Bersche (singer/songwriter):“It’s about the good and evil
things we are raised to believe. I was held captive by an ideology that
severely limited my life and my perspective of the world around me.
It’s a process I’m still in the middle of, this work of extraction.”

“I was raised in the world of charismatic Christianity – an offshoot of
Pentecostalism. God was magic and prophetic ecstasies happened every
Sunday. As a child, I spoke in tongues and prayed until my body swayed
with a gentle force like wind knocking me backward. A deep and abiding
love of the natural world took hold of me. I witnessed firsthand the wild
power of music – how it could uplift, ensnare, console, inspire.”

Turn Up The Volume: Feelings of frustration and doubt are bottled up
in this funky synth-pop groove. Remember R.E.M.’s frontman Michael Stipe
losing his temper and his religion? The emotions are similar here as singer,
lyricist Nabi Sue Bersche articulates clearly with her crystal voice…

Leave a piece of yourself in each churchyard/gymnasium
Like songs you wrote to God then gave away to everyone
The powers that be predicted you to me
A flood/relief/it shifts this one-way street

Make it easy for yourself here…


You can buy EASY on Bandcamp or Apple Music

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