Never Too Late For A Captivating Debut Album – British Indie Rockers THE SUNCHARMS Do It With ‘DISTANT LIGHTS’

23 August 2021

Band: THE SUNCHARMS (Shefflied, UK)
Who: Band formed in 1990. They supported indie-pop legends such
as The Brilliant Corners, St Christopher, The Orchids, and The Television
plus gigs with emerging shoegaze bands such as Cranes,
Catherine Wheel
and Curve.

Released: 20 August 2021 via Sunday Records

The band: “30 years ago our black and white selves released our first two EPs
so we’re delighted to be finally releasing a debut album! We think our younger
selves would be into the new songs, though I guess they would want everything
played at twice the speed!! It’s the same five people with even the same instruments
(plus all the trimmings available in a modern studio) so it’s still very much a
Suncharms sound.”

Turn Up The Volume: Once again music shows its magic side: once a devotee
musician, always a devotee musician. And when you have 5 of them devotee
musicians, living in Sheffield (UK), and they just released their debut album,
30 years after they got addicted to music, then you must be The Suncharms.

Finally, their shoegaze muse, their guitar pop sensibility, their melancholic
songwriting craft is cemented in a long-player with a series of electrical dream
pop sparks for the midnight hours, far away from our disturbing reality. I’m still
in the process of getting deeper into each song, but the overall feeling is one of…
wanting to get deeper into each song.

Join me, right here…


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